June/July 2015
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As human beings, we are dependent on nature. Therefore, when we work to save nature, we’re really working to save ourselves. In this issue, we've gathered some of the most passionate and hardest-working minds in the business of fighting to conserve.  

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Summertime Issue! Sometimes, even when the weatherman says its going to rain, you just have to go fishing! The GAFF Girls take their chances on the weather and come up big on their latest fishing trip.

August/September 2016

Our boating issue is packed with boats of all shapes, sizes, prices, and styles. All the research is done for

you in this issue if you're in the market for a new boat  or just enjoy looking.

December/January 2016

This is the edition designed to light a fire under you. Whatever your idea of a “dream fishing destination” is, this issue has the tools to help make it happen. From staying within the country and hiring a guide to help you find and land that elusive bucket-list fish, to globe trotting halfway around the world and relaxing at an all-inclusive exotic fishing resort, this is the issue you'll want to study.

GAFF Magazine highlights one of the most incredible international boat shows in the world.  Go V.I.P.  Find the dates, best times, and locations for you and your friends and or family to attend this incredible event.

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August/September 2015
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October/November 2015

Finding the right gift for your hard-to-please angler can be tough, so we've compiled a variety of items we know the outdoors enthusiast on your list will love. From surprisingly inexpensive ideas, to extravagant, oh-my-goodness-you-shouldn't-have items that leave no doubt how much you care, you'll find something that fits the bill within these pages.

It’s summertime; so get your GAFF lifestyle into full swing. This becomes more important as many children pass up the great outdoors for a comfy spot by their Xbox. This issue is packed with ideas to help buck this dangerous trend. Let’s show them the cool stuff we did when we were their age. They’ll love it. And when they love something, they do it all the time. Just like that, we’ll reset their path toward a healthier future.

Of all the outdoors and fishing related publications, none come anywhere close to the female following GAFF enjoys. And no prior GAFF issue is more flush with contributions from the talented lady anglers we’ve watched prosper in our industry than the one you’re reading now. From our latest GAFF Girl, Arianne, to Capt. Tred Barta’s better half, Donna, we know you’re going to appreciate their unique perspective on our formerly male-dominated sport.

August/September 2015

Our Miami International Boat Show, boating issue. We spend four days taking sea trials in the most amazing boats on the market. MIBS is one of the largest boat shows in the world and boat builders from all over spare no expense in getting their latest and greatest creations ready to outshine their competitors. 
April/May 2015

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Conservation has become a dirty word. Anglers are frustrated with added rules and regulations and the community is frustrated with bureaucratic gridlock and self-serving organizations only interested in padding their budgets. GAFF is your magazine. We strive to bring you important facts and information in a fun and entertaining environment.
February/March 2015
The holidays are always a busy time, but the December/January issue of GAFF is chocked full of things you don't want to miss. In typical GAFF fashion we have great photos, our first trip to Louisiana, our annual gear guide and of course tips and tricks to help you land that next fish!
December/January 2015
Welcome to our annual Destination Issue, where once a year we introduce or reacquaint you with exotic coastal places and world-class fishing locations. We've reached far and wide to inspire you to venture out and experience some of the amazing resorts and fisheries that cater to anglers of all levels. 
October/November 2014
Embracing the coastal lifestyle is what this issue is all about - just grab the people that make you happy and hit the coast. We did just that on a weekend trip to New Smyrna Beach with some angling buddies. We dodged storms, changed plans on the fly, and laughed all the way. 
June/July 2014
August/September 2014
We’ve packed this magazine to the gills with entertaining and enlightening features to keep you amused and mentally stimulated while you’re OFF the water, and threw in a heaping handful of how-to’s, tried and true techniques, and must-haves for when you’re actually ON the water.
April/May 2014
In this issue we take a close look at the innovators in our industry - the boat builders who aren’t afraid to break the mold. Who are forcing the marine world into the future, with designs and advanced technologies we feel will prove to be real game changers. 
February/March 2014
Not too long ago, conservation made for a pretty uninteresting topic. Thankfully, times have changed, and anyone worth their salt understands the importance of protecting our natural resources and preserving them for future generations. 
Check out Bonadeo’s sick new 368 WA. Or find out what legendary Capt. Norm Isaacs has brewing these days. You can even travel with us from Florida to Ontario and to a few spots in between for hot fishing action. This issue is stuffed!
January/February 2012
Having trouble trying to decide what to get for that finicky fisher on your list? Then make sure you check out GAFF's hottest holiday gift ideas! That, and much more, is only a click away.
November/December 2013
The king of all tigerfish is the Goliath. Natives call him M’Benga, meaning “the dangerous fish.” This merciless killing machine lives in the Congo Basin and can reach up to 200 pounds of muscle and teeth, and 6 ½ feet. Help us hunt him down in this issue! 
This issue features everything from thumbing your way across the Bahamas for bones, to stalking the savage snakehead fish in the Potomac River. It even showcases the latest cases for protecting your personal electronic devices.  
This issue takes you to big-fish locations like Panama, Brazil, Louisiana, and the Bahamas. Also inside are articles on two exciting new boats and a lesson on how to get started in the mystical underwater world of spearfishing, among others. 
Witness the sinking of the USS Mohawk; a historic WWII ship turned artificial reef, or follow along as the GAFF team competes in the 54th Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament during a wicked nor’easter in this action-packed issue. 
September/October 2012
July/August 2012
May/June 2012
March/April 2012
November/December 2012
GAFF’s Holiday Gift Guide features great gift ideas for the fisher on your list who’s a little tougher to please. All are smart options when you start shelling out your hard-earned money on others. 
Welcome to our annual Boat Review edition. We’ve selected a handful of boats suitable to a wide range of wallets. From the new Viking 55 Convertible to the CraigCat, there’s a boat in here that meets your needs and stays within your budget. 
GAFF’s Conservation issue examines the future of organizations that protect our natural recourses. How do we get children to interact with nature so they’ll develop an appreciating for it and fight to protect it after the current generation is gone? 
GAFF finds its Perfect Latitude. GAFF has officially partnered with the exciting lifestyle and apparel company, 36North. The men and women behind it have the vision, know-how, and resources to blow GAFF out of the water. Enjoy the transformation! 
This issue brings into focus the annual ICAST extravaganza, which took place in Las Vegas in 2013. This event houses every worthwhile creation from our industry’s most imaginative inventors, and is truly an experience to witness. 

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Escape the reality. Enjoy that freedom. Emerge yourself in the pristine waters off New Zealand, in Argentina, off Bermuda, off Florida or any other dream destination inside GAFF’s annual Destination Issue. 

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